Seven surefire ways to help your country go to the dogs

For a long time I have been writing, designing and posting positive messages. But today let me be realistic. Don’t read any further if you don’t want to know what an average person feels today. Judiciary — Make it messy with unclear laws, and dicey with rules and regulations written in terribly convoluted sentences. (Honestly, I can’t understand the legal documents such as transfer deeds, rent agreements and many government forms even in my own mother tongue. When there’s a dispute, you file a case and lose your sleep forever. It might happen that you continue to fight a case after you retire and may win after you have died.) Corruption — Make it so widespread that you accept it as part of life. Bring uniformity in corruption so that people know in advance how much they have to bear other than their actual cost. (It’s a pity to see that one has to pay some under-the-table money to get things done in most government offices. Everyone knows that. Everyone hates that… at least in public.) Skewed system of opportunities — Create opportunities not based on competence but class or caste or creed or religion, nepotism or favouritism. (Aren’t we …

Mind Your Table Manners!

Mind Your Table Manners! by Hasmukh Umaria Senior Teacher, Fluentlingua, Surat Have you ever found it disgusting to see a person eating in front of you in a strange way? Isn’t it awkward to sit and eat when such people are around you? I am sure you hate their table manners but often you cannot do anything about it. But, for the same token, have you ever checked your own table manners? How do you eat or behave at the dinner table? Do you talk while eating? If yes, how? Well, there are no strict rules for dinner etiquette but still let me share a few handy tips for you to improve your own table manners. Click this link to READ MORE.

The Art of Life

Hi everyone, Here’s one of my favourite poetic passages “The Art of Life” by Ira Schogam.  Enjoy watching this video. Happy Learning, Happy Sharing! Dharmendra

Do it NOW.

A personal message *Today* is the best day, and *now* is the best time to do what you often, or always, wanted to do, but somehow couldn’t do. It may be a simple thing like reading a book, watching a movie, climbing  a tree, trying a new recipe, trying your hand at a musical instrument, writing a poem, drawing a picture, painting, or just calling a friend like me. 😉  The universe often blesses like this: *Now or Never*. Let’s add colour to our life…NOW! Best wishes,  Dharmendra Sheth  Surat 😊😉😊

Kaizen @ Fluentlingua

At Fluentlingua, we believe in *kaizen*. Here’s a link if you want to know more about it. Thank you Larsen and Toubro for introducing it to me in 1991-3 when I was working there as a maintenance engineer.

Hard work doesn’t rub off as easily as laziness does. 😉  — Dharmendra Sheth (Note for my English language learners: If a quality or characteristic that someone has rubs off, other people begin to have it because they have been with that person and learned it from them: His enthusiasm is starting to rub off on the rest of us. Cambridge Dictionary)

Different strategies for different results

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you’ve always got.”  Nobody actually knows who said that, but it’s one of those truths that everyone knows but not many can really put it into practice. Most people do the same things again and again, year after year, and expect different results. I can only sympathise with them.

Keep it up… ignoring your critics

There’s an old African proverb: The lion does not turn around when a small dog barks. Interesting, isn’t it? Please do remember it when you are on a roll. [Note, especially for my language learners: “on a roll” means “experiencing a period of success or good luck: Cambridge Dictionary]

Be Happy

If you can’t do everything perfectly well and on time despite all your best efforts, you’re in good company. — Dharmendra Sheth [Note, especially for my language learners: “to be in good company” means “to have the same problem as many other people” Cambridge Dictionary]