Future Matters! A talk based on Homo Deus

Hello everyone, Here’s a talk on Future Matters! by my friend Dr Vishal Bhadani. This talk is based on Homo Deus, an international best seller by Yuval Noah Harari. Prof Harari is an Israeli historian and a professor in the Department of History at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He is the author of the popular science bestsellers Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind, Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow, and 21 Lessons for the 21st Century. Enjoy watching the video and please feel free to share this message/video with others in your circle. https://youtu.be/IDfuu6eSNn8 Happy Thinking, Happy Sharing! Dharmendra Dr Dharmendra ShethFounder, Fluentlingua,Surat

Everyone is an expert!

Q: If everyone is (or wants to be or considers him or her) a trainer, coach, leader, counsellor, freelancer, influencer, digital marketer or entrepreneur, where will the companies get employees from?A: No idea.

The 5 AM Club

I know many of you (like me) have been getting up early around 5 for decades. I am just curious to know if there is anyone in my circle who has started getting up early AFTER reading Robin Sharma’s book “The 5 AM Club”. PS. It is an amazing read, by the way. Worth reading irrespective of when you get up! 😉

Towards a better society

Hello All, I’m Anupama. I’m a proud Gujarati. I’m from Surat and I’m proud of that, too. I believe nobody can beat our Surti food and Surti spirit. I’ve heard that even during the floods, people ate Ganthiya, Khaman, and Locho! They’re real Surti Lalas. And of course, we can’t forget generosity of the people of Surat. I earned my first university degree from Ahmedabad. My father and uncles studied there, too. My mother is also from the same city. So I got to hear and learn a lot about Ahmedabad. Because of my 5-year stint with the city, I am lucky to have firsthand experience of the city. I must praise Amdavadi culture. There, even during a street fight, they’ll address each other with respect – “Shun bhai tame pan, jara juvo to khara! Tamari bhul chhe toye pachha mane kahesho!” Well, this was a scenario a long time ago – almost 17-18 years back. I hope this culture is still intact. Now, I’m in the southern part of India – Bangalore. This city too has a charm of its own. Apart from pleasant weather, we must appreciate people’s accommodativeness. So, basically whether it’s a place or people, we …

Forgive yourself!

We all know how difficult it is to forgive. During our interaction with our friends, family, colleagues, boss, subordinates, organisations we often perceive wrong done towards us. This wrong can be on mental, physical, emotional, material level. Yet, we have been told that it’s best to forgive and move on. Not for them but for our own peace and benefit. Let’s face it, forgiving someone makes us feel better- about ourselves. We find ourselves in a position of power and generosity. It generates a feel good factor. Especially, when we are able to tell that other person that we are forgiving him or her. But we use this power of forgiveness as a favour. We judge the other person, observe him or her, decide if their conduct is worthy of forgiveness or not and then only hand them forgiveness. So often, we are also concerned that he or she may repeat the same mistake over and over again. We wonder if he or she repeats the same mistake, where will that leave our forgiveness? Are we supposed to forgive endlessly? We are afraid of being judged by others as foolish and too soft. These are some of the thought processes …

Bury the Hurry

21st century as they say is a century overpowered with information, artificial intelligence, machine language and robotics. Generation Z is at the core of this century who are ready to take the world in a stride. The words like ‘multitasking’ and ‘superwoman/superman ‘ have garnered so much attention that everyone wishes to engage or become one. Everyone is ready for a start up or is running  to meet the deadlines or spending time ( approx. 8 to 9 hrs.) in some way or the other busy with their mobiles. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that this generation has become a mobile generation and just like fast food their tastes and interest are also changing fast . At times in a hurry to reach the goal or to achieve their desired results they get caught up in such a mired state of affairs that the  so called fun from life gets lost. The questions which arise are :Why do we zoom our bikes on the zigzag roadways at a top gear to reach the destination? Why do we gobble our  food down our throat without relishing each bite ? Why do we always are in a hurry to complete the …