Spoken English Workbooks — A Christmas Gift

Hi everyone, Season’s greetings! If you know an English language learner, consider giving him/her a language-focused gift ELWA — English Language Workbooks for All. Happy Learning, Happy Sharing! Dharmendra Sheth https://www.amazon.in/English-Language-Workbooks-Spoken-Books/dp/8194052637/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?keywords=Dharmendra+Sheth+elwa&qid=1577447143&sr=8-1

Books in print or electronic form

A conversation between two passengers on a train: A: I have around 1500 books on various subjects. B: Good. I have more than 30 GB books. ? Their discussion for about an hour after this conversation convinced me that the number of books one has doesn’t matter, either in print form or electronic. ????


There is a nip in the air—winter’s on its way, that’s for sure. A note (only for my students ???): The word "nip" has a variety of meanings in different contexts and also in combination with other words. Here’s an interesting collection with explanation: https://www.fluentlingua.com/Spoken-English-Detail/Nip.aspx