Feedback from Naisargi Mehta

Hello, Thank you dear Naisargi Mehta for your feedback. Students like you are my real “dhan” (=wealth), and I am happy to receive your feedback on “Dhanteras”. 😉 Best wishes for a bright future.

ELWA — Spoken English Workbooks

Hello, Do you know someone who would like to learn or improve their English? Here is an ideal Diwali Gift for them! ELWA — a graded series of three Spoken English Workbooks ELWA will make their study easier and more interesting. Best wishes, Dharmendra. ??? Available on Amazon at:

Public Speaking — Goal

Hi, What is the single most important thing that you should keep in mind while speaking in public? Well, here’s my answer in a two-minute video. I look forward to your comments. Best wishes, Dharmendra ???