IICE GATE Students’ Felicitation Programme — Speech

Good morning friends, Recently, on a result day, I heard two students talking. They both got above 90 percent marks. One said to the other, “Congratulations”, and the other said, “Shame to you”. Suppose someone comes to you now and points at a chair near you and tells you, “Can I shit here?”, what will be your response? I suggest you change your place. Well, I come across hundreds of such sentences. They prove that most people need to improve their English. Some more examples.  I go for a morning walk in the evening. I take breakfast in the evening around 5 and then go for a morning walk. He returned back at 6 o’clock. I asked a student at a school, “Where’s the principal?” He said, “He has just passed away.” Actually, the principal was having tea in his office. Well, coming to the point, let me thank ICE team in general and Dr Bhavin Desai in particular for inviting me and my Fluentlingua team. I have come here to have a tête-à-tête, a heart to heart talk. I have come here to tell you three things. English is important in every industry and at most places in the …

Do it NOW.

A personal message *Today* is the best day, and *now* is the best time to do what you often, or always, wanted to do, but somehow couldn’t do. It may be a simple thing like reading a book, watching a movie, climbing  a tree, trying a new recipe, trying your hand at a musical instrument, writing a poem, drawing a picture, painting, or just calling a friend like me. 😉  The universe often blesses like this: *Now or Never*. Let’s add colour to our life…NOW! Best wishes,  Dharmendra Sheth  Surat ???

Kaizen @ Fluentlingua

At Fluentlingua, we believe in *kaizen*. Here’s a link if you want to know more about it. Thank you Larsen and Toubro for introducing it to me in 1991-3 when I was working there as a maintenance engineer.  https://www.kaizen.com/what-is-kaizen.html

Change isn’t easy!

Hard work doesn’t rub off as easily as laziness does. 😉  — Dharmendra Sheth (Note for my English language learners: If a quality or characteristic that someone has rubs off, other people begin to have it because they have been with that person and learned it from them: His enthusiasm is starting to rub off on the rest of us. Cambridge Dictionary)

*Lose*, *loss* and *loose*; let’s study the difference

Dear English language learner, *Lose*, *loss* and *loose*; let’s study the difference in less than 2 minutes. Do please share this message / video with people in your circle. Happy Learning, Happy Sharing! Dharmendra Fluentlingua https://lnkd.in/fbq7kUA #vocabulary #englishlanguage #learning #englishlanguagelearners #elt #englishlearning