Practice material for the sound j as in job

Dear English language learner/lover, Here’s a short video (about 2-minutes) to learn or practice the sound j as in job. Do please share it with people in your circle, if you like. And I look forward to your constructive feedback. Happy Learning! Click this link to watch the video.

Spoken English in Varachha — Surat

Spoken English in Varachha Hello everyone, I am Ramesh Savalia. I have been teaching English for more than two decades in Varachha, Surat. Let me tell you something about our area Varachha. It is in the eastern part of Surat. It is a multicultural area. About eighty per cent people here are from Saurashtra (or Kathiawad), a part of Gujarat located on the Arabian Sea coast. It covers about a third of Gujarat state. In the 1960s, a few people migrated from Saurashtra to Surat. Initially they settled in Mahidapura and started work in the Diamond Industry. Later they ventured into the Textile Industry. Today, they are in different businesses and professions. Hailing from a farming background, hard work comes naturally to them; and hence, their progress is not surprising. They have established businesses both locally and internationally. Let’s consider education now. Quite a few students in this area score well in examinations and go on to become doctors, engineers, chartered accountants, company secretaries, MBAs and academicians. However, most do not possess a good command of English. Even the general populace in Varachha lack English. Lack of proper environment for English is a major cause. English is like an alien …

Phrases and sentences containing the sound /z/ as in ‘zoo’. Spoken English Tip

Some phrases and sentences containing the sound /z/ as in ‘zoo’. It’s useful for many non-native learners of English in whose mother tongue this sound doesn’t exist. Clarity of this sound is of vital importance in spoken English. Listen and repeat. 1.       waysand means 2.       raysof the sun 3.       bagsof rice 4.       size of rooms 5.       a wise man 6.       possess cars 7.       roses in houses 8.       henslay eggs 9.       size zero 10.    laser-sharp tools 11.    handsand legs 12.    grazing cows 13.    lazy dogs 14.    phase zero 15.    chasing on hazy roads 16.    refuse to use it 17.    devise plans 18.    recognise words 19.    newsand views 20.    newsand views about zoos 21.    Roze’s toys and music 22.    feelingsand emotions 23.    townsand buildings 24.    babiesin the bazaar 25.    kindsof things 26.    amazing zebras 27.    release the goods 28.    a runny nose 29.    busy bees 30.    thousands of girls 31.    resist temptations 32.    tidesand ebbs 33.    resign easily 34.    a lazy president