The Wonderland of Books

The Wonderland of Books  By Jawaharlal Nehru Why does one read books? Ultimately it is to understand life. Our individual experiences are narrow. But books give us the experiences of others, often the wisest of their generation, and lift us out of our narrow ruts. Gradually as we go up the mountainsides, fresh vistas come into view; our vision extends further and further, and a sense of proportion comes to us. We are not overwhelmed by our petty and transient loves and hates and we see them what they are hardly noticeable ripples on the immense ocean of life. This larger vision enables us to see life whole and live it well. This vision and sense of proportion are essential to keep us on the right path and steady us when storms and heavy winds bear down on us. There is a strange magic about good literature. This magic comes to us slowly as we make friends with good books; and when we have begun to feel it, we have found the key to the wonderland of books. They never fail us, these friends that neither age nor change. I have got more pleasure from books than from almost anything. …

Enrich Your English A Workshop at V N Godhani English School On the 19thof December, Fluentlingua conducted a workshop titled “Enrich your English” at V N Godhani English School in Katargam. About 250 students of standards 7thand 8th attended this workshop. Keenness to learn was writ large on their bright faces right from the beginning and was maintained throughout the programme. The principal introduced Dr Dharmendra Sheth and Mr Hasmukh Umaria, chief trainers from Fluentlingua, to the wide-eyed students unable to contain their impatience to get started.    After being felicitated, the trainers started the program and the students’ eyes were glued to the screen as Dr Sheth started the workshop with the presentation “Fun with English”. He explained with examples that “English is English”, and often it is not logical. This sure got the participants’ rapt attention and aroused their interest and curiosity. The stage was thus set. The title itself has so much learning potential in it, said Dr Sheth. The word “enrich” is stressed on the second syllable whereas the word “English” is stressed is on the first syllable. He went on to explain the importance of correct pronunciation. He explained that the word “pronunciation” is pronounced …

National Conference at English Language Teaching Institute of Symbiosis (ELTIS), Pune

Dear Teachers of English, English Language Teaching Institute of Symbiosis (ELTIS), Symbiosis, Pune has organised its 9th National Conference on The Literary Kaleidoscope: From Bookshelves to Classrooms on February 08 & 09, 2019. Do please try to attend it. You can find more details on their website. Thank you and I look forward to meeting you in February. Dharmendra Dr Dharmendra Sheth Founder, Fluentlingua, Surat, Gujarat Click this link to watch the video.

Playing chess on a train with a national level player

Hi everyone, On a train from Mumbai to Surat, I was lucky to meet and play a game of chess with the national school level chess player (4th ranker) Senthanigh (spoken as Senthanil). Of course, he defeated me, but it was a great experience. Actually, he was going to Vapi to take part in a 15 day camp-cum-tournament.  Here’s a picture showing that innocent and intelligent boy playing with someone who hasn’t played chess in the last three decades or more. 😉 He was fluent in his mother tongue Tamil and English. His teacher (escort) was from Delhi. She and I tried to teach him some Hindi words and learnt a few Tamil words in return. Time flies when you are in good company. His spoken English was good but with a heavy mother tongue influence. PS. If you look at him and observe his behaviour, you can’t imagine, even in your wildest dreams, that he could be a chess player. That’s why we say. Never judge a book by its cover. Happy learning… happy playing… and happy living!