Teacher Training Programmes

Hi everyone, Saturdays are usually for teacher training or corporate training programmes. This morning I met first teachers of Jeevan Bharti School, and then teachers of schools run by Sarvajanik Education Society at Experimental School. It was the first post-Diwali session. I had a great time. It’s always refreshing to interact with teachers. I am blessed to have such opportunities. I look forward to Saturdays… just as I look forward to Mondays. 😉 Best wishes, Dharmendra.

Hi everyone, A few days ago, I visited a hospital with my friend Dr Vijay Patel, Incharge Principal, V D Desai Wadiwala School. The chief doctor and the owner of that hospital is Dr Devangi Jogal.  She was my student when she was in class 10 or 11. She came to me to learn textual English. In her batch there were only two students. Early morning she would come with her friend, and in her sweet childlike voice made my mornings better. I enjoyed teaching them.  After a few years, she came to me to learn Spoken English. She was one of the most brilliant students I had ever taught. She (and I too) wanted her to become an IAS officer. My wife and I in fact went to her house and talked to her parents about it. But, as luck would have it, she became an Ayurvedic doctor… perhaps to fulfill her father’s dream. Anyway, she won gold medals every year and became an MD, a Doctor of Medicine in Ayurveda. As I had expected, she did different from what other doctors in her field do. Because of her intelligence and meticulous research (and also her husband’s support), she started …

Workshop for Teachers at the Countryside International School, Surat

Hello, On my birthday, i.e., on 22nd November, I got a chance to interact with the key management team of the Countryside International School (CIS)–people of great academic vision. I was invited to conduct a workshop for their teachers. I discussed with them some ways of improving communication skills in English. It was refreshing to see the way teachers participated in the workshop. Well, though it’s a new school, I was impressed with the way the school management team is trying to design and implement systems for various things. The infrastructure is impressive too. I’d love to visit the school once again when all the plants and trees they have on the campus have grown. Best wishes to the entire team of CIS. Here are some pics of the event.

Spoken English in Varachha

Hello everyone, We are pleased to announce that we are starting our Fluentlingua Varachha centre on Sunday, 25 November, 2018 at the following address. Do please visit us when you can. Fluentlingua (Varachha)214, Silver Empire, Opp. Utran Power Station, Near VIP Circle, Mota Varachha, Surat. Best wishes,Ramesh SavaliyaMA, BEd (English) 9426863516

Monsoon — a series of books schools

Hi everyone, I am delighted to inform you that our new Cambridge coursebooks and workbooks for school students are now available on the market. Here are a few pics of standard 5 books that my friend Dr Vishal Bhadani and I prepared. I look forward to your comments and suggestions. Best wishes, Dharmendra