Know where you stand in terms of vocabulary

Know where you stand in terms of vocabulary Dear English language learner, If you really want to know how good your command of vocabulary is, watch the video containing 50 words, and judge yourself. If your score is … :                your command is … 1.       Between 01 and 15:    Poor 2.       Between 15 and 25:    Below Average 3.       Between 25 and 35:    Average 4.       Between 35 and 45:    Above Average 5.       Between 45 and 50:    Excellent Happy Learning, Happy Sharing, Dharmendra Sheth, Founder, Fluentlingua


The world may not change in a minute, but you may… forever.  –Dharmendra Sheth Founder, Fluentlingua, Surat

Teacher of English from Surat

H. M. Patel Institute of English Training and Research invited Dr Dharmendra Sheth from Surat to give a memorial lecture and to conduct a workshop on vocabulary development. Here’s a newspaper report on it.   Dr Dharmendra Sheth Founder, Fluentlingua +91 9825442418

Becoming an effective ELT professional in Gujarat

H. M. Patel Memorial Lecture on 27 August 2018 by Dr Dharmendra Sheth Founder, Fluentlingua, Surat on Becoming an effective English Language Teaching (ELT) Professional in Gujarat If one keeps the international scene in mind, the knowledge of English is inevitable for intellectual growth and technological development. Along with increasing use of regional language, a sound study of English needs to be encouraged as an instrument of acquiring knowledge.                                                                   —Dr. H. M. Patel I feel privileged to have been asked to deliver the H. M. Patel Memorial Lecture. For this honour, I must thank the orgnisers of this event in general and the Principal of H. M. Patel Institute of English Training & Research, Dr. N. V. Bose, in particular. I consider it my privilege and duty to invoke the name of Dr. H. M. Patel, a senior ICS officer, whose visionary guidance led to the inception of this Institute 53 years ago in 1965, three years before I was born. Well, I have fond memories of this Institute and of working in close association with ELT stalwarts like the late Dr Subhash Jain, and my well-wisher Dr Jadeja, the previous Director of this institute. I have had excellent …