Down the Pandemonic Road

Sometimes some ordinary experiences give birth to astonishing ideas and expressions. Something similar happened with me about a month ago. While walking home in the evening, I saw two feeble dogs lazily chewing on something that looked like a non-juicy bone. The same day in the morning, I had read in the paper all kinds of negativity—deaths, corruption, black marketeering in medicines, political drama, and what not. Luckily, just before I reached our apartment building, I saw something interesting on the roadside—a tiny plant with shiny, dark green leaves on the upper surface and light green underneath. The sight just stopped the world for me for a few moments. Upon returning home, I scribbled a note, as is my wont. I sent it to my Guru Dr Sudhakar Marathe. He suggested a few additions and modifications. In fact that transformed my garbled “note” into a “poem”, something that I can dare share. 😉 Please read my 26-line poem below. I don’t think it will take more than 2 minutes to read it. Do please write your comments in the comment box. You might like to recite the poem in your own words. Best wishes, Dharmendra Down the Pandemonic Road Two …

Write Right — a Workshop

Hi everyone, Here’s an hour-long workshop on Write Right that I conducted a couple of days ago. Do please watch it and share with me your comments and suggestions. Happy Writing! Best wishes, Dharmendra

Learn with Fun

Learn with Fun 🤪🤣😂 Here’s a message doing the rounds on WhatsApp. ( THE ABSOLUTE EXACTITUDES OF ENGLISH GRAMMAR…! God bless this wonderful Mr Otunne) This happened in England…HILARIOUS…! Interviewer 1: So, Mr Otunne, imagine you get into the market to buy something and your customer… Mr Otunne: My customer? I should be the customer, not the other way round, sir. A person who buys something from a shop is a customer. Interviewer 1: That does not matter, just listen. Mr Otunne: It matters sir. If I am to answer correctly, I need to understand you well. Interviewer 1: As I was saying, if you go to the market and you see… Mr Otunne: I’m afraid there is something wrong with this construction, sir. I did not go to any market… Interviewer 2: Young man let him finish, he is trying to create an imaginary situation. Mr Otunne: Yes, I know, that is why I said something is wrong with the construction. Since the sentence is conditional, as indicated by the use of ‘if’, the verb must be in the past. So you should say ,’If you went to the market…’ Interviewer 1: I see…, now, if you went to …

25 May, 2021 18:51

Hello everyone, A vocabulary puzzle (-cate words) is doing the rounds these days on WhatsApp. I have tried to make an off-the-cuff video for it. I hope you like it. I look forward to your comments or suggestions. Happy Learning, Happy Sharing! Best wishes, Dharmendra

Two Disciples

Hello everyone, Here’s a simple one-minute tale with a moral. Do please read it and share it with others in your circle, if you like. Happy Reading, Happy Sharing! Best wishes, Dharmendra

Sip your tea nice and slow…

Sip your tea nice and slow… A beautiful poem by Lee Tzu Pheng of Singapore Sip your Tea Nice and Slow No one Ever knows when it’s Time to Go, There’ll be no Time to enjoy the Glow, So sip your Tea Nice and Slow. Life is too Short but feels pretty Long, There’s too Much to do, so much going Wrong, And Most of the Time You Struggle to be Strong, Before it’s too Late and it’s time to Go, Sip your Tea Nice and Slow. Some Friends stay, others Go away, Loved ones are Cherished but not all will Stay. Kids will Grow up and Fly away. There’s really no Saying how Things will Go, So sip your Tea Nice and Slow. In the End it’s really all about understanding Love For this World and in the Stars above, Appreciate and Value who truly Cares, Smile and Breathe and let your Worries go, So Just Sip your Tea Nice and Slow. This poem is beyond all relationships But made for us all. When I’m dead. Your tears will flow But I won’t know Cry with me now instead. You will send flowers, But I won’t see Send them …

A wonderful video about beavers

Hi everyone, Here’s a wonderful video about beavers. Enjoy watching it. And do try to catch each and every word. Happy Learning! Best wishes, Dharmendra.

Satyajit Ray, an interesting interview

Hello. Satyajit Ray… I remember you today as fondly as ever. Born on May 2, 1921 in Bengal, he was considered to be the man who changed the face of Indian cinema forever. He was a film director, scriptwriter, documentary filmmaker, author, lyricist, magazine editor, illustrator, calligrapher, and music composer. Enjoy watching this excellent interview. Please share your experience with me after watching this video. Best wishes, Dharmendra

LinguaFun 6 to 10 for English Language Learners

LinguaFun 6 to 10 Language learning is fun when you know how to play with language. Here’s my humble attempt to generate funny, thought-provoking but brief sentences. Do please create and share your sentences with me. Have fun! . . . For more such content, visit 👉 OR 👉 Instagram @dharmendra_sheth_surat or @fluentlingua OR 👉 YouTube: Fluentlingua Happy Learning, Happy Living! #englishpremier #fluentlingua #linguapower #FunWithEnglish #LaughInEnglish #EnglishInSurat #Englishvocabulary #grammarfun #EnglishTutorOnline #EnglishTeacher #suratblogger #FunnyEnglish #EnglishAtHome #Iamsurat #IloveSurat #wearesurties #englishingujarat #EnglishTips #DharmendraSheth #LinguaFun #vocabulary #vocabfun #suratbloggers #englishinuse #AdvancedEnglish #fluencytricks #FuninEnglish #contentwriting #englishedge #EnglishwithSmiles Happy Learning, Happy Living!