English is NOT easy

Spoken English

Acquiring a good command of English is not easy for a non-native learner of English. It demands consistent effort and proper guidance. Many people misguide learners saying that English is easy. It is NOT easy. Here are just a few points for you to ponder. I’d love to know to your views. Watch this video and share it with others if you like.

Public Speaking

Public speaking is one of the greatest fears for mankind. Most people have butterflies when they are asked to speak in public. Here’re some tips to help you.

IF by Rudyard Kipling

An extempore performance — a recitation of a famous poem IF by Rudyard Kipling. This poem has changed lives of millions of people. Enjoy listening to its recitation by Dharmendra Sheth of Fluentlingua https://youtu.be/6QQRNRgPh10

My Facebook posts on 25 January 2020

Hi everyone, The following are some of my today’s Facebook posts in case we aren’t connected on FB. In Praise of Words Dear Words, I must tell you how much I sympathise with you. People are so ungrateful. They must realise that they need WORDS to stress the value of pictures when they say: a picture is worth a thousand words. My heart goes out to you, dear WORDS. I will serve thee… even if I don’t get a thousand likes. Time and tide Time and tide wait for their time, don’t they? Decision making When it is not important to make a decision, it is important NOT to make a decision. ©