How to prepare for the IELTS

This blog contains tips from a student Rashi Patel of Surat, Gujarat, who recently scored 8 bands in the IELTS test. You can improve your band score in the IELTS test by following her tips and suggestions.

Inauguration of Fluentlingua Pal-Adajan Centre

Spoken English classes coming soon in Pal Adajan area of Surat

Dear well-wisher, Today on the occasion of Teachers’ Day allow us to share with you a piece of good news: the inauguration of our Fluentlingua Pal-Adajan Centre scheduled to take place on Ganesh Chaturthi Friday, 10 September, 2021. Why did we select this day? Well, Lord Ganesha is the god of new beginnings and a symbol of wisdom, writing, travel, commerce and good fortune. English helps in all these areas, doesn’t it? 😉 We look forward to welcoming you. Best wishes, Priyang Bhatt + Dharmendra Sheth & our teams

Words Matter!

Words Matter in any communication. Hello everyone, Here’s a video recording of my recent lecture at an International Faculty Development Programme (iFDP) organised by MIT-ADT University, Pune. (Length: 1 hour 15 minutes) Please watch it when you are free and do please share your comments and suggestions with me if you like. Best wishes, Dharmendra

The Word of Words

The World of Words is a series of short videos teaching interesting bits of English via Gujarati. It’s a part of a project started by Khabarchhe Digital Channel. There will be a new video every week. So, please subscribe to our channel to get notifications when we upload a new video. Happy Learning, Happy Sharing! Best wishes, Dharmendra PS. Please ignore this message if you don’t understand Gujarati. But you are more than welcome to try to understand the contents of the videos. ;-)🤪😂🤣

Down the Pandemonic Road

Sometimes some ordinary experiences give birth to astonishing ideas and expressions. Something similar happened with me about a month ago. While walking home in the evening, I saw two feeble dogs lazily chewing on something that looked like a non-juicy bone. The same day in the morning, I had read in the paper all kinds of negativity—deaths, corruption, black marketeering in medicines, political drama, and what not. Luckily, just before I reached our apartment building, I saw something interesting on the roadside—a tiny plant with shiny, dark green leaves on the upper surface and light green underneath. The sight just stopped the world for me for a few moments. Upon returning home, I scribbled a note, as is my wont. I sent it to my Guru Dr Sudhakar Marathe. He suggested a few additions and modifications. In fact that transformed my garbled “note” into a “poem”, something that I can dare share. 😉 Please read my 26-line poem below. I don’t think it will take more than 2 minutes to read it. Do please write your comments in the comment box. You might like to recite the poem in your own words. Best wishes, Dharmendra Down the Pandemonic Road Two …

Write Right — a Workshop

Hi everyone, Here’s an hour-long workshop on Write Right that I conducted a couple of days ago. Do please watch it and share with me your comments and suggestions. Happy Writing! Best wishes, Dharmendra